Milford Sound


Fiordland is one of New Zealand's most remote and iconic destinations. Fiordland National Park is a land of rugged mountains, spectacular coastal scenery and abundant plant and animal life in a remote corner of the South Island. With a strong Scottish and Maori heritage Fiordland is an immense and awesome place and, other than Milford Sound, is barely visited.

Tramping in Fiordland

The walking or tramping in Fiordland is world-class. Fiordland's Milford and Kepler tracks are two of the most famous walks in the world. The scenery is outstanding, especially when it rains (and it rains an awful lot!) as spectacular waterfalls spring up everywhere. The standard of accommodation huts for Fiordland walkers is very high and the tracks are well-marked, accessible and popular.

Milford Sound

One of New Zealand's most famous tourist destinations. Fiordland's Milford Sound has become an icon for the outstanding natural beauty of New Zealand. The scenery is awesome, so too the peace and tranquillity in the Sound, especially late afternoon as visitor numbers dwindle. The sound is 22 km long and is dominated by Mitre Peak (1695m high) which gives it its trademark look.

Doubtful Sound

Larger than Milford Sound and less frequently visited, but no less impressive. Named by Captain Cook who was doubtful there was sufficient wind in the sound to allow his ship to sail back out to sea should he sail in. Fiordland's Doubtful Sound is serenely peaceful, alive with marine life - dolphins, seals and penguins among many species - many describe this as the most awesome of the fiords.

Te Anau

Te Anau is the base for most activities in the Fiordland area and the starting point for bus and car journeys to the fiords. On offer are a myriad of plane trips, helicopter rides, coach trips, lake cruises and adventure activities, all geared to showing the visitor what Fiordland National Park has to offer. If you are looking for something a little more relaxing to do then a trip to the Lake Te Anau glow worm caves, reachable only by boat, is popular with visitors and includes underground waterfalls and whirlpools.

Fiordland Scenic Drive

The road from Te Anau to Milford in Fiordland is claimed by many to be the most scenic drive in the world, and with some justification. At certain times of the year it's also possible to experience all four seasons in one day, such is the volatility of the Fiordland weather! There are many places to pull over to take in the view and many walks of varying length to spectacular waterfalls or mountain viewing points.

Fiordland is Just Awesome - from the water

To experience the fjords at their most awesome it's best to get out on the water, especially from a sea kayak. Fiordland local operators offer great trips and visitors often say how in awe and insignificant they feel from their kayak. If kayaking is not your thing then choose from a selection of cruises (half-day, full-day and overnight options) or perhaps enjoy the coral reefs, sponges and fish from an underwater observatory boat or a specially adapted mini-submarine.

Diving in Fiordland

Outdoor wanderer and adventurer Kennedy Warne reveals the wonders of diving in Fiordland in this audio interview.