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1. New Zealand holiday ideas and travel information
The essential source of New Zealand holiday ideas and travel information

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3. New-Zealand-city-holiday-ideas
Holiday and travel guide to the cities of New Zealand including Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin

4. New Zealand food and drink
Great food and drink to enjoy on your awesome holiday in New Zealand

5. Great-ways-to-travel-on-holidays-and-vacations-in- New-Zealand
Exciting ideas for travel and transport when getting around New Zealand on your holiday including boats, ferries, flights, helicopters

6. Best New Zealand Travel Forums
A review of the best New Zealand travel forums to use when planning your Kiwi holiday.

7. Whangamata - ‘A New Zealand holiday paradise’
Whangamata - ‘A New Zealand holiday paradise’.

8. Caroline Bay New Zealand
Caroline Bay near Timaru in New Zealand. Why the locals thinks it's so special

9. About
About us

10. Wellington tops visitor poll
Wellington is the most popular holiday destination of New Zealanders, a survey shows.

11. New Zealand Holiday Hidden Gems
New Zealand's Holiday Hidden Gems - 15 of the best places and activities you've never heard of

12. Travel information for New Zealand holidays and vacations
How to travel around New Zealand on your holiday - a guide to accomodation, driving, books, maps, campervans, car hire in New Zealand

13. Accommodation Links
List of useful web sites to help find accommodation and guides on your holiday in New Zealand including bed and breakfast, hotels, farm stays and holiday parks

14. Patearoa in Central Otago
Patearoa in Central Otago - New Zealand's newest holiday hotspot - find out why here

15. Lake Clearwater
Lake Clearwater near Methven in New Zealand. is this New Zealand's best kept secret?

16. Tourist attractions for your holidays in New Zealand
Attractions for your holiday in New Zealand including museums, art galleries, wine regions and spas and thermal pools

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18. Travel-guide-to-New-Zealand-holiday-and-vacation-accommodation
Descriptions of the various types of accomodation on offer in New Zealand

19. News
Latest news on NZ holidays

20. Bay of Islands Photos
Bay of Islands Photos - Top photos of what to do and see in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand

21. Travel-guide-Auckland-and-Cook-Strait-ferries-for-New-Zealand-holidays
List of useful web sites to help you plan ferry journeys on your holiday to New Zealand

22. Natural Wonders of New Zealand for your holidays
Guide to the natural world in New Zealand including information on birds, trees, ferns, Fox and Franz Josef glaciers, lakes and marine life

23. Weird and Wacky Landmarks Photos
Weird and wacky man-made landmarks of New Zealand

24. Lovely places to stop in New Zealand

25. Common mistakes made by backers in New Zealand
The top 5 most common mistakes made by backpackers in New Zealand and how to avoid them.

26. Travel and holidays in the North Island of New Zealand
Awesome places to visit on New Zealand's North Island

27. Maps
Maps of New Zealand showing attractions, activities and places to go for your holiday and travel

28. Kuratau on Lake Taupo New Zealand
Kuratau on Lake Taupo - we explain why it is so popular with holidaymakers.

29. New Zealand Video Clips
Here's some great video clips to inspire you to visit New Zealand

30. Campervan or hire a car
Campervan or car hire - a guide to which is best on a New Zealand holiday

31. Waiheke Island
Waiheke Island - short audio clip on why it is so popular

32. Queenstown - Things to Do
Queenstown is a popular destination for international and domestic tourists, especially those who enjoy the great outdoors.

33. New Zealand - be inspired to visit - 60 second video
New Zealand - be inspired to visit by this 60 second video clip

34. Bay of Islands - Things to do
Bay of Islands - Here's 8 reasons to visit the Bay of Islands in New Zealand

35. Travelling with pets in New Zealand
Information and advice on travelling with pets in New Zealand - including what the law requires you to do

36. Kiwi words and sayings
At-a-glance guide to 30 popular Kiwi words and sayings

37. Kokukohu
Kokukohu. Northlan New Zealand. An artists conclave explored in this travel piece

38. Interesting islands of New Zealand
New Zealand has many small islands that are accessible and worth a visit.

39. Bungy Jumping - Twenty Years Of Thrills
Bungy Jumping in New Zealand - 20 years of bungy jumping summed up in this interview with AJ Hackett

40. Best Cafes Map
Interactive map showing the best cafes in New Zealand

41. Northland or Coromandel
Four days to spare in Auckland - how to choose between visiting Northland or Coromandel

42. Small townships of New Zealand A to M
An A-Z guide to small townships in New Zealand seen through the eyes of local residents in a series of interviews on Radio New Zealand

43. Using-mobile-phones-on-New-Zealand-holidays-and-vacations

44. Trains - A travel alternative in New Zealand

45. Travelling by train in New Zealand
List of useful web sites for booking train journeys on your holiday in New Zealand on the TranzAlpine and TranzCoastal serives

46. Activities for your holidays and vacations in New Zealand
Activities for your holiday in New Zealand including walking, tramping, skiing, museums, art galleries

47. Best of New Zealand
Guide to the best food and drink in New Zealand including best cafe, best fish and chips

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50. Coromandel Peninsula
Coromandel Peninsula - what to do and see on New Zealand's Coromandel Peninsula

51. Gisborne - Things to do
Gisborne things to do - here are 7 great things to do and see in Gisborne, New Zealand

52. New Zealand Kiwi Experience Bus
Here are five reasons to buy that Kiwi Experience bus ticket - from someone who should know.

53. Currency and Money in New Zealand
Top tips on the best way to carry money on your holiday to New Zealand.

54. Rotorua
Rotorua - Here are four great reasons to visit Rotorua on your New Zealand holiday.

55. Golden Backpack Awards
Golden Backpack awards

56. Awesome Kiwi Icons
Here are some of New Zealand's best known man-made icons and landmarks

57. North or South Island
New Zealand's North or South Island - which is the best to visit? Some thoughts to help you decide.

58. Banks Peninsula
Banks Peninsula - A quick guide to the highlights of the Banks Peninsula, New Zealand

59. Holiday Driving in New Zealand
New Zealand has about 92,000 kms of roads that are meanly sealed and well-maintained by international standards. Visitors need to remember - as pointed out by Prime Minister John Key on the David Letterman Show - that 'we drive on the left, just like the

60. Best scenic drives in New Zealand
Are these the best 10 scenic drives in New Zealand? You will be the judge...

61. New Zealand Food Awards
New Zealand Food Awards 2011

62. Small Townships O to Z

63. Kiwi World Firsts
Examples in history of when New Zealand led the world

64. North Island Top 20
New Zealand North Island - Top 20 things to see and do

65. South Island Top 20
New Zealand South Island - Top 20 things to see and do

66. Best Fish and Chips in New Zealand
Here is the official list of the best fish and chip shops in New Zealand - find out which one is closest to you

67. Best pies in New Zealand
How to find the best pies in New Zealand with our guide to award winning pie shops - which one is closest to you?