New Zealand Video Clips

New Zealand - God's Own Country

For over 100 years New Zealanders have been referring to their beautiful homeland as God's Own Country. And for good reason. With stunning landscapes of forests, mountains, fiords, lakes, volcanoes and beaches it really does feel like a land created for a special purpose.

And Kiwis are not afraid to promote their 'Godzone' as this New Zealand video clip shows.



New Zealand - A Biker's Heaven

With empty roads and awesome landscapes New Zealand is a biker's heaven. Touring New Zealand on two wheels is one of the classic ways to see the country and a real Kiwi roadtrip has a surprise around every corner.

For a high octane taste of what New Zealand has to offer check out this short video clip. 


New Zealand - As seen through timelapse photography

This lovely New Zealand video clip takes you on a journey through the country using timelapse photography to show in a few minutes what nature sees over a longer period of time.


The best of New Zealand in one minute

This New Zealand video clip is only one minute long and manages to convey in those 60 seconds all the reasons why it is such a great holiday destination. 


Offical New Zealand Tourism Video

An official New Zealand video clip used to promote New Zealand as a travel destination. Worth a look if you want an overview of what the country has to offer.



New Zealand - A Natural Paradise

One person's view of the South Island and its natural beauty in this New Zealand video clip.


World of Wearable Art Awards

One of New Zealand's top cultural events is the World of Wearable Art Awards. The annual event showcases many strange and beguiling costumes that blur the border between art and clothes. Not to be missed if you are a fashion and art lover.