Best pub and grub in Christchurch

Faced with so much choice, visitors to Christchurch in New Zealand might struggle to quickly find the best places for pub and grub . . . but at great cost to wallet and waistline, NZHT's team of researchers has hunted them down for you.

Best pub in Christchurch

Check out Pomeroy's Old Brewery Inn, 292 Kilmore Street - it's a old English-style pub that boasts more than 20 tap beers, including Kiwi craft beers and international beers. 

Sadly, the 2011 earthquake took two great pubs out of action - the Dux de Lux and the Twisted Hop. Both have long-term plans to re-open in the city. 

In the meantime, if you're hankering for a decent beer out of the city, head to Amberley (45 minutes south of Christchurch) where you'll find the excellent Brew Moon (150 Ashworths Road). 

Brew Moon makes four lines of craft beer, which are widely acclaimed by beer aficionados around the country, and serves them at its café style pub.

Best fish and chips in Christchurch 

Two worth trying - Sumner Seafoods (21a Marriner St, Sumner) and Village Foods (48 Main St, Oxford, less than an hour from central Christchurch).

Best pies in Christchurch 

Christchurch isn't known for its pies, but we do recommend a visit to at least one of Hillyers' cafes. They make a decent range of pies, including fruit pies, and sell them through three cafes. These can be found at Lincoln (12 Gerald Street), Sockburn (11e Parkhouse Road) and Leeston (70 High Street).

Best café in Christchurch 

Winner of the 2010 Best Café in Canterbury was Lyttelton Coffee Co (29 London Street, Lyttelton). 

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