The Kiwi Experience - Five Reasons to Board the Bus

New Zealand. The land of mispronounced vowels, spectacular scenery and adrenaline activities. Ask anyone who has ever visited, except perhaps an Aussie, and you will be met with a firm encouragement to visit. So the flights are booked and the walking boots are packed.

The final decision is how to travel this country. Campervan? Car? Or a tour bus?

There are many different tour buses that travel the New Zealand landscape, yet the Kiwi Experience is a recurring popular choice. Founded in 1988, the bus aimed to deliver to its clients a true New Zealand experience, showing you all New Zealand has to offer alongside a group of like-minded individuals. Here are five reasons for you to join in the fun and buy that Kiwi bus ticket.

1. The people you meet

First and foremost, the people you meet along the way make the experience all the better. Spending 3+ weeks having the time of your life with the same group of people makes you bound to bond for life, a huge positive, especially for solo travellers. It cuts out the travelling issue of having to ask the same questions over again to new people you meet: "where have you been?", "where are you going?"

2. Everything organised for you

The Kiwi Bus pretty much organises your entire trip for you. Therefore, your holiday is hassle free and you are simply left to enjoy the surroundings without having to worry about where you will sleep. The Kiwi Bus not only guarantees to sort you at least one nights accommodation at every stop but also organises all your activities for you. Perfect!

3. Great discounts on activites

In addition to organisation, the Kiwi Experience also has unsurpassed discounts on the circuit. A brilliant excuse to do all the activities you want to do without worrying without the cost. Particular recommendations are to do a skydive in Taupo and the Nevis Bungee Jump in Queenstown. For those less inclined to participate in adrenaline adventures there are daily tamer options available that are equally enjoyable. Fitness freaks should challenge themselves to participate in the Tongariro crossing; Lord of the Rings fans should pay a visit to Hobbiton.

4. Cheap way to travel

The Kiwi Experience is a cheap method to travel the country. With constant deals rotating on the website, you are almost guaranteed to get at least 40% off any trip that you want to take. For example, at time of print the ‘whole kit and caboodle' had 48% off online at $999, unlike competitors such as Stray Bus that have the same route listed for $1,995.

5. Stops everywhere you want

Last but certainly not least is the Kiwi bus's excellent ability to stop at all the spectacular scenic spots whilst travelling to the next location. Along your route the drivers provide you with top quality commentary about the area and stop to ensure you get the best photographic shots.

So there you have it. What are you waiting for?

Five brilliant reasons for you to take that well deserved career break, hop across to the other side of the world and experience everything that the Kiwi's have to offer.  

Lucy Singleton