New Zealand Thermal Pools & Spas

A guide to New Zealand's most well known and popular naturally-heated thermal pools and spas. New Zealand's volcanic past and active geothermal areas have given rise to an abundance of natural thermal pools and a thriving spa culture. A day at a thermal pool or spa has been part of life in New Zealand for over 150 years and is a popular and relaxing way to spend time with friends and family.

There are hundreds of thermal pools In new Zealand, many with spas attached. Among the more well known are;

Rotorua (Wanganui)

Rotorua is one of the world's most spectacular geothermal areas and not surprisingly offers New Zealand's widest choice of thermal pools and spas. Among the more interesting is the Hell's Gate Spa where visitors can relax in naturally heated mud baths and sulphur pools.

Hanmer Springs (South Island)

One of the best developed of New Zealand's thermal pools. The warm waters in the pools at Hanmer fell as rain 180 years ago, only to be heated by volcanic activity 2km underground before slowly rising to the surface again. This popular alpine spa resort with its large outdoor thermal pools is open all year round and has won many New Zealand tourism awards.

Hot Water Beach (Coromandel Peninsula)

The only New Zealand thermal pool that you have to build yourself! Dig your own thermal pool on this famous and unique beach where hot water from an underground volcanic reservoir reaches the surface through the sands. At low tide locals and visitors dig their own thermal pools in the sand, adding seawater to cool the hot volcanic waters. Near Mercury Bay, just off State Highway 25 to Whenuakite.

Waiwera Spa (North Auckland)

New Zealand's oldest thermal pool. Discovered in 1848 the hot waters of Waiwera were formally recognised as the Southern Hemisphere's first spa in 1863. Not only that but Waiwera's naturally heated waters are thought to be 10,000-15,000 years old making them the oldest thermal pool waters in the world.

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