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Best Coffee in New Zealand

If you fancy a cup of New Zealand's best coffee, one of the best guides is to see which beans are revered by the people who work in the roasting industry.

The annual coffee awards determine which beans are considered to be the best available for making coffee, whether you buy the beans and make it yourself or head to a café which stocks the best beans.

Auckland's Altura Coffee won the Supreme Award at the Huhtamaki 2015-16 New Zealand Coffee Awards, the second time it has been judged the country's best coffee roaster since the awards began in 2003.

Nearly 300 entries were entered from New Zealand Coffee roasting companies for the awards.

Altura, based at Albany on Auckland's North Shore, won the Gold Medal in the highly competitive Flat White category, which attracted the greatest number of entries. Their Altitude coffee was launched to the New Zealand market only two weeks before the holding of the awards.

Winners at the 2015 Huhtamaki New Zealand Coffee Awards

Supreme Award
Altitude (Altura)

Category: Huhtamaki Roasted Espresso

Gold: BG (Fred Coffee)
Silver: Geisha (Inca-Fe)
Silver: Toasted blend (Bean Addicted Marketing)
Silver: FCC Organic Blend
Silver: Arrow Gold (Bean Around The World)
Silver: Fix (Fixation Coffee)
Bronze: Casa (Ebony Coffee)
Bronze: Macro Medium (Macro)
Bronze: Blizzard (Avalanche Coffee)
Bronze: Milano (Excelso Coffee)
Bronze: Max Special Blend (Max Coffee)
Bronze: Bold (Altezano Brothers)

Category: Ethically Traded

Gold: Deluxe (Karamu Espresso)
Silver: Fairtrade Organic (Santos Coffee)
Silver: Diamond Blend (Ambition Coffee)
Silver: LaLa Organic (Coffee LaLa)
Bronze: Ethiopia Washed Simado (Espresso Workshop Roastery)
Bronze: Organic (Essenza Coffee)
Bronze: Geisha (Inca-Fe)
Bronze: Deco Yirgacheffe Natural (Deco)
Bronze: Ultimate Espresso (Vivace Espresso)
Bronze: El Salvador Vista (Altezano Brothers)

Category: Foodservice Filter/Plunger

Gold: Lance's Special Blend (Ambition Coffee)
Silver: Kidnapper's Breakfast (Hawthorne Coffee)
Silver: Marin Estate (Inca-Fe)
Silver: San Vicente Blend (Cloud Coffee Pty Ltd)
Bronze: Gourmet (Vivace Espresso)
Bronze: Max Exotic Blend (Max Coffee)
Bronze: Jed's (Jed's Coffee Company)
Bronze: Jamaican Blue Mountain Style (Robert Harris)
Bronze: Volt AMP (Volt Espresso)

Category: Single Origin

Gold: Ethiopa Yirgacheffe (Story Coffee)
Silver: Kenya Rwaikamba (Coffee Lab)
Silver: Yirgacheffe Konga Sedie (Excelso Coffee)
Silver: Kenyan Kangiri (The New Zealand Coffee Company)
Silver: Nigaragua (Roma Coffee Roasters)
Bronze: Nigaragua (Karjoz Coffee)
Bronze: Nicaragua Margogype (Hawthorne Coffee)
Bronze: Rio Jorco Masl 1800+ (Cloud Coffee Pty Ltd)
Bronze: Deco Colombia El Silencio (Deco)

Category: Meadowfresh Flat White

Gold: Altitude (Altura)
Silver: Pinks Elixir (Pinks Elixir)
Silver: No. 1 House Blend (Ris'tretto Espresso)
Silver: Weta Bush Blend (Weta Coffee)
Silver: Lollibird (Story Coffee)
Bronze: Ambrosial (Meebz Coffee)
Bronze: OOH Lala (Coffee Lala)
Bronze: AA& Blend (Toasted Espresso)
Bronze: Volt Surge (Volt Espresso)
Bronze: Toasted Blend (Bean Addicted Marketing)
Bronze: Hollywood (Hollywood)
Bronze: Espresso Love (Gravity Coffee)

Category: Supermarket Plunger

Gold: Kidnapper's Breakfast (Hawthorne Coffee)
Silver: Karajoz Genuine No. 1 Blend Plunger (Karajoz Coffee)
Silver: Marin Estate (Inca-Fe)
Silver: Guatemala (Pomeroys Coffee)
Silver: Orb Yirgacheffe (Orb Coffee)
Bronze: Dash (Caffe Prima)
Bronze: LaLa (Coffee Lala)
Bronze: Macro Medium (Macro)

Category: Organic

Gold: Suke (Excelso Coffee)
Silver: Geisha (Inca-Fe)
Silver: Costa Rica Las Latas (Espresso Workshop Roastery)
Silver: Santa Felisa 21 Brix (Coffee Lab)
Silver: Harvest Fairtrade Organic (Hawthorne Coffee)
Bronze: Vivace Fairtrade Organic (Vivace Espresso)
Bronze: Santos Organic (Santos Coffee)
Bronze: Roma Organic (Roma Coffee Roasters)
Bronze: Organic Ambition (Ambition Coffee)

Category: Supermarket Espresso

Gold: Marin Estate (Inca-fe)
Silver: Macro Medium (Macro)
Silver: Karajoz Genuine No. 1 Espresso (Karajoz Coffee)
Bronze: Max Morning Blend (Max Coffee)
Bronze: Espresso Blend (Hawthorne Coffee)
Bronze: Cuban Blend (Pomeroys Coffee)
Bronze: Arabica Gold (Robert Harris)
Bronze: Espresso (Coffee Distributors Ltd)


Best Coffee in New Zealand 2014

The best coffee in New Zealand is roasted in Auckland, according to judges of the country's biggest annual coffee awards.

The 2014 Huhtamaki New Zealand Coffee Awards gave seven of the nine top awards to Auckland-based coffee makers.

Orb Coffee took three top prizes, including the Supreme Award (for the second time).

The 2014 awards were the 11th time coffee roasters had competed for the top honours, with 313 entries from 80 coffee roasting companies.

It's the second time in the 11-year history of the awards that Orb has won the supreme award. It beat off competition from 313 entries by 80 coffee roasting companies to take home the prize. A panel of 12 judges decided the award winners.

New Zealand Best Coffee 2014 award winners

Supreme Award
Orb Coffee's Orb Yirgacheffe blend (Auckland).

Best Espresso
Gold: Ambition Coffee's Waitemata Blend (Auckland).
Silver: Altura's Eclipse; Laroma Coffee Co's Brazil blend; Pinks Elixir's Black Majic; and Monsoon Coffee Roasters' Monsoon Kazkazi.
Bronze: Chiasso Coffee's Milano; Gravity Coffee's Morning Fix; Wildcat Coffee's Sweet Oil; Karamu Espresso Ltd's Karamu Deluxe; Vivace Coffee Roasters' Ultimate Espresso; Diesoline Espresso's Elizabeth; Bean Addicted Marketing's Nude; The Strictly Coffee Co; and Bruno Rossi's Primavera Fairtrade.

Traditional Flat White
Gold: Jungle's Jungle Congo (Auckland).
Silver: Three Beans Espresso's Ganster rabbit; Jacks Coffee's Jacks Original; Cherry Tree's Red Cherry; and Switch Espresso's BBIV.
Bronze: Matakana Coffee Roasters' Village Market; Macro's Macro Medium; Bean Around the World's Arrow Gold; Java Lava Coffee's Java Lava; Icoco Coffee's Ethiopian Heights; and Volt Espresso's Volt Siena.

Best Organic
Gold: Volt Espresso's Volt Earth (Auckland).
Silver: Espresso Workshop Roastery's Costa Rica Las Lajas Perla Negra; Santos Coffee's Santos Organic; and Switch Espresso's Ethiopian - Sidama.
Bronze: Max Coffee's Max #1 Organic Blend; Ambition Coffee's Organic Ambition; Coffee Lab's Bolivia Nueva Llusta; Inca-Fe's Geisha; and Roma Coffee Roasters' Roma Organic.

Ethically Traded
Gold: Orb Coffee's Orb Yirgacheffe (Auckland)
Silver: Story Coffee's Fairtrade Organic; Bach Espresso's Honest to Goodness; Gravity Coffee's Gravity Sitio Auto de Serra; Max Coffee's Max Organic Blend.
Bronze: Volt Espresso's Volt Earth; Chiasso Coffee's Dolce; Inca-Fe's Marin Estate; Coffee Lala's Lala Organic; McCafe's McCafe Blend; Wild Bean Cafe's Wild Bean Cafe Blend.

Best Supermarket Plunger
Gold: Max Coffee's Max Morning Blend (Kerikeri).
Silver: Orb Coffee's Orb Yirgacheffe; Robert Harris' Ethiopian Fairtrade.
Bronze: Sieera's Story Teller; Jed's Coffee Company's Jed 3; Pomeroys Coffee's Guatemala; Chiasso Coffee's Organic; Matakana Coffee Roasters' Village Market; and Inca-Fe's Marin Estate.

Best Supermarket Espresso
Gold: Wildcat Coffee's Sweet Oil (New Plymouth).
Silver: Max Coffee's Max Exotic Blend; The Grind Coffee Roasters' Tasman.
Bronze: Caffe Prima's Espresso; Hawthorne Coffee's Espresso Blend; Macro's Macro Medium; Robert Harris' Natura Blend; Rush Coffee Ltd's Rush Espresso.

Best Single Origin
Gold: Espresso Workshop Roastery's Ethiopia Table Top Yirgacheffe (Auckland).
Silver: Story Coffee's Ethiopia Yirgacheffe; Roma Coffee Roasters' Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere; Volt Espresso's Volt Earth; and Robert Harris' Ethiopian Fairtrade.
Bronze: Coffee Lab's Kenya Rwaikamba Peaberry; Max Coffee's #7 Max Yirgacheffe Single Origin; Switch Espresso's Ethiopian - Sidama; The New Zealand Coffee Company's Yirgacheffe Kochere Natural.

Gold: Orb Coffee's Orb Yirgacheffe (Auckland).
Silver: Toasted Espresso's Toasted Blend; Santos Coffee's Marcelos Original Blend; and Vivace Coffee Roasters' Gourmet.
Bronze: Espresso Workshop Roastery's Guatemala Santa Isabel; BeSpecialty Ltd's Tanzania Lunji Estate; Inca-Fe's Marin Estate; Ambition Coffee's Moonlight Blend; and Hawthorne Coffee' Kidnappers Breakfast Blend.


New Zealand Best Coffee 2011 Results

Supreme Award
Coffee Lab (Auckland)

Best NZ Espresso
Gold - Fixation (Tauranga).
Silver - Ris'tretto (Christchurch), Coffee Lab (Auckland), Rush (Wellsford).
Bronze - Espresso Workshop (Auckland), Pomeroys (Nelson), Roma (Auckland), Switch (Napier), Celcius (Lower Hutt), Cigana (Auckland).

Best Flat White
Gold - Rush (Wellsford), Summit (Taupo)
Silver - Volt (Auckland), Bruno Rossi (Auckland), Coffee & Tea Lovers (Auckland).
Bronze - Altezano (Auckland), Max (Kerikeri), Barista Empire (Auckland), Excelso (Tauranga).

Best Organic
Gold - Coffee Lab (Auckland).
Silver - Jungle (Auckland), Toxic (Stoke).
Bronze - Espresso Workshop (Auckland), Ignite (Auckland), Zee (Auckland), Volt (Auckland).

Gold - Barista Empire (Auckland).
Silver - Ambition (Roma (Auckland), Veni (Auckland).
Bronze - Celcius (Lower Hutt), Flight (Napier), Wildcat (Wanganui), Volt (Auckland).

Best Ethically Traded
Gold - Flight (Napier).
Silver - Hawthorne (Havelock North), Celcius (Lower Hutt).
Bronze - Fixation (Tauranga), CoffeeWorx (Christchurch), Esseza (Morrinsville), Veni (Auckland).

Best Supermarket Plunger
Gold - Gravity (Auckland).
Silver - Max (Kerikeri), CoffeeWorx (Christchurch), Rush (Wellsford).
Bronze - Hawthorne (Bronze), Coffee LaLa (Coromandel), Peru (New Plymouth), Pomeroys (Nelson), Revive (Wellington), Vivace (Christchurch).

Best Supermarket Espresso
Gold - Rush (Wellsford).
Silver - Gravity (Auckland), The Grind (Upper Moutere).
Bronze - Celcius (Lower Hutt), Switch (Napier), Karajoz (Auckland), FRED (Auckland), Max (Kerikeri).

Best Decaffeinated
Gold - Cigana (Auckland)
Silver - Excelso (Tauranga), Coffee Lab (Auckland).
Bronze - Toasted Espressso (Auckland), Puhoi Coffee, Robert Harris (Auckland), Altura (Auckland), Barista (Auckland), Orb (Auckland). 


Best coffee in New Zealand 2009

New Zealanders love their coffee and it's not difficult to find a decent cup. Competition to roast the best coffee in the country is intense and roasters spend two days a year trying to convince 12 judges they're good enough to be judged champion coffee at annual championships.

The winner of the Supreme Award at the 2009 New Zealand Coffee Awards was Auckland roasters Altura Coffee. They beat about 250 other coffees from 63 coffee roasters.
Altura's Eclipse blend, which won Gold in the Flat White category, received the highest number of points of any coffee at the awards.

The Supreme Award is awarded to the coffee that receives the highest number of points over all eight coffee categories.

List of Winners 2009

Supreme Award
Altura Coffee (Auckland)
Flat White Blend  

New Zealand Espresso
Gold - Rush (Wellsford)
Silver - Celcius (Wellington), Matakana Coffee
Bronze - Robert Harris, Excelso (Tauranga), Fixation (Papamoa)

Traditional Flat White
Gold - Altura (Auckland)
Silver - Rush (Wellsford), Barista@Home, Orb
Bronze -Chiasso (Auckland), BP Wild Bean, Altezano (Auckland)

Ethically Traded Coffee - Espresso
Gold - Switch (Christchurch)
Silver - Bruno Rossi, Kokako (Auckland), Switch (Christchurch)
Bronze - Pomeroys (Nelson), Toxic (Nelson)

Organic Coffee
Gold - Robert Harris
Silver - Volt (Auckland), Altura (Auckland)
Bronze - Celcius (Wellington), Coffee Lala (Coromandel), Switch (Napier)

Supermarket Plunger Blend
Gold - Jungle (Auckland)
Silver - Barista@Home, Celcius (Wellington)
Bronze - Avalanche (Auckland), Coffee Lala (Coromandel), Karajoz (Auckland), Switch (Napier)

Supermarket Filter Blend
Gold - Havoc (Wanganui)
Silver - Robert Harris, Revive (Wellington)
Bronze -Hawthorne (Havelock North), Karajoz (Auckland), Celcius (Wellington)

Gold - Wildcat (New Plymouth)
Silver - Robert Harris, Hawthorne (Havelock North)
Bronze - Volt (Auckland), Switch (Christchurch), Toasted Espresso (Auckland)

Decaf Coffee
Gold - Volt (Auckland)
Silver - Karajoz (Auckland), Coffee Lab (Auckland)
Bronze - Altura (Auckland), Coffee Lala (Coromandel), Bruno Rossi