Best New Zealand Travel Forums

If you are researching and planning your own holiday to New Zealand then online travel forums can be a useful resource and a mine of information.

Travellers frequently use online forums to:

  • Check an itinerary makes sense and is realistic
  • Get ideas on what to do and see
  • Seek specific advice about a particular location or activity
  • Answer practical questions or concerns

How to get the best out of travel forums

  • To star with just browse the forums and take a look at the questions and answers that have been posted. Travellers frequently find their questions have already been asked by others and answers are readily available and visible to all.
  • Check out who is answering questions and providing advice. Forums typically have so-called ‘Destination Experts" - users who have contributed the most over a period of time. These people are easy to identify as the number of posts or contributions they have made is large. They are generally very knowledgeable and helpful.
  • Remember the content of online forums represents the opinions and thoughts of others and is not necessarily factual. Contributors may not share your particular travel likes and dislikes.
  • If you decide to ask a question in a forum try and be as specific as possible. The clearer you can make your question the easier it is for others to offer advice and guidance.
  • Timing can be everything. Forums are at their most busy in the months leading up to and during the New Zealand summer, from October to March. At other times of the year they are quieter.

Which are the best online New Zealand travel forums?

Generally, the forums with lots of activity are the best. The more people who participate the greater the buzz in the forum and the more likely you will find useful information.

Top forums include:

Trip Advisor

Over 300 posts per month

By far and away the busiest of all the New Zealand travel forums with hundreds of questions and replies posted every week. The Trip Advisor New Zealand forum is a great resource with a handful of very frequent contributors who clearly know a lot about the country. If you only use one forum make it this one.


Travellers Point

30 - 50 posts per month

Travellers Point claims it has a strong community of experienced travellers amongst its users. Certainly plenty of activity in the forum and time spend browsing could be useful. There is no dedicated New Zealand forum though; it is shared with Australia so you will have to pick out the Kiwi questions amongst the Aussie ones.



Rankers is a Kiwi site where travellers can review the activities and experiences offered by New Zealand tourism companies.

If you want to know which is the highest-ranked dolphin adventure company, or the worst-rated campervan hire company then this is the site for you.

Worth a look when you get down to planning and booking activities or deciding which company to use for a particular piece of your trip.


Lonely Planet

20-35 posts per month

Worth an occasional look. Many questions are very specific and unlikely to be of use to the casual browser.



20-25 posts per month

Not heavily used but some good general advice on itineraries from time to time.


Backpacker Board New Zealand

3-10 posts per month

If you are looking for someone to join up with on your travels through New Zealand then this is a good forum for you. Otherwise of little use.


Virtual Tourist

5-10 posts per month

Owned by Trip Advisor. Appears high in Google search rankings but of little use.