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New Zealand Travel Guide Books

If you want to research New Zealand but have limited time, here are some books that will give you some insight into the country - and have some fun at the same time.

Lonely Planet's Guide To New Zealand

This opus of almost 800 pages covers just about everything a visitor needs to know. It has 88 maps and has contributions from local experts who cover everything from history and food to music. The book has expanded sections on outdoor activities and Maori culture.


The Penguin History Of New Zealand

This best-selling paperback by the late Dr Michael King, one of New Zealand's most revered historians, provides a full history of the country in a very readable manner. This has become the standard text for students of New Zealand history.



Living Abroad In New Zealand

Written by Canadian immigrant Michelle Waitzman, this book explains what it's like to move to New Zealand and provides useful advice for anyone thinking of heading to the country.



Welcome To New Zealand

Want to know what the 'real' New Zealand looks like? While there are many collections of New Zealand scenery, this book has a collection of 350 'welcome signs' for towns and cities throughout the country. Some will make you smile, some will make you squirm but they all have something to say about their place.



Edmonds Cookbook

This is the best-selling New Zealand book of all time, with dozens of reprints and special editions. It contains all the recipes for traditional New Zealand favourites and provides an insight to the nation's diet.



The Kiwi Beer Lover's Cookbook

If there's one thing Kiwis like as much as their food, it's beer. This innovative cookbook provides almost 150 recipes in which the key ingredient is beer. Classic Kiwi dishes are given new life with the help of beer.



Kiwi Speak

Ever wondered why Kiwis speak as they do? Humourist Justin Brown digs into some favourite New Zealand sayings and even if the New Zild accent remains a mystery, you'll have many a laugh trying to figure it out.